Projects - Mecklenburg

Beginning in April 2021, the Town applied for planning grant funds from the USDA Rural Development's SEARCH Grant program to complete a preliminary engineering report and environmental review of the Town's water treatment system. Based on a desire to improve water quality conditions, upgrade existing equipment, and meet anticipated future water demands, the Town procured Dewberry Engineers to determine the most feasible way to upgrade water production and distribution systems.

On April 8, 2022, the Town sought $6,186,000 from the Virginia Deparment Health to upgrade the Town's 70 year-old Water Treatment Plant. Recently, Microsoft purchased property nearby to construct a data center for which the Town will be the water provider. Their presence will require the expansion of the facility from 1 to 2 MGD. The upgrade will also include replacement of the raw and finished water pumps and existing waterlines. This project will be cost shared between the Town and Microsoft.

On April 8, 2022, the Town of Boydton applied for $713,000 in grant assistance through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law being administered by the Virginia Department of Health's Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund. The Town's water treatement system has two critical sections of water mains that need to be replaced in order to improve reiliency and reliability. The first section is approximately 1200 LF of 6" cast iron pipe with lead joints that was installed in 1929. This is the only original section of waterline that has not been replaced in Town. This line also has two inactive lead service line connections that would be disconnected with the installation of the new waterline. The second area is a section of 6" PVC waterline that has experienced frequent breakages. This line connects the Town's water system with their water provider.

This project aims to replace the 1200 LF of 6" cast iron, lead jointed, waterline with PVC waterline. This comprises of approximately 60 lead joints of pipe. This would also include reconnection of 12 service connections. For connection to the Roanoke River Service Authority system, this entails replacing 1590 LF of 6" PVC with 8" PVC. The existing PVC line is schedule 40 and is not suitable for the current application. This line has experienced breaks, several times. In this same location, 470 LF of 2" waterline is required to branch off to an existnig industrial area. The existing 2" line has been repaired frequently and is in need of replacement.

With replacing the section of cast iron, lead jointed pipe on Washington Street, this would make the Town's water system "lead free" by removing these pipes with lead joints, and removing connections of inactie lead service lines. This line has broken several times in the past three (3) years and boil water notices have been issued. For the connection to the RRSA system, this will improve overall reliability and resiliency of the Town's water system. The current PVC pipe is not suitable for this installation and needs to be replaced.

Mecklenburg county housing needs assessment

2022 Clarksville RenderingIn September 2016, the Clarksville EDA was awarded a $600,000 Industrial Revitalization Fund grant from the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development to assist with the redevelopment of the former Planters Brick Tobacco Warehouse into a multi-use facility. In September 2017, the EDA was awarded a $50,000 Virginia Brownfield Assessment Fund Grant from the VEDP/DEQ. The Planters Brick Tobacco Warehouse is located in the Town of Clarksville’s Historic District directly on the main corridor into and out of Town. The Town will partner with John David McCormack, president of Waukeshaw Development Inc., in order for the property to be redeveloped into a 14,500 square foot multi-use facility with 40 market-rate apartments and a 2,500 square foot restaurant. The total project cost is approximately $4 million. 

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