The SPDC provided assistance to the Town of South Hill on a Smart Scale grant application for improvements to the intersection of US 58, Country Lane, and Atlantic Street.  The project was selected for funding in the amount of $5,181,850 by the Commonwealth Transportation Board in June of 2021.  This project will help reduce delays at the current signalized intersection and improve safety.  Improvements will include an unsignalized U-turn area west of the subject intersection and relocate the westbound left-turn from US 58 and the southbound thru-movement from Atlantic Street to the U-turn.  The westbound right-turn lane on US 58 will be reconfigured into a continuous right-turn lane and the southbound I-85 off-ramp that currently connects to Atlantic Street will be closed.  Finally, the Atlantic Street southbound approach to US 58 will be restriped to extend left-turn storage.  These improvements will reduce current delays at the intersection by up to 40% and safety will be increased as a result of the relocated turning movements and reduced traffic queuing.  It is anticipated that crashes can be reduced up to 25% through the implementation of these improvements.  Based on VDOT's Six-Year Improvement Program, this project is anticipated to begin in FY22.

pdf Project Sketch (2.23 MB)