Beginning in April 2021, the Town applied for planning grant funds from the USDA Rural Development's SEARCH Grant program to complete a preliminary engineering report and environmental review of the Town's water treatment system. Based on a desire to improve water quality conditions, upgrade existing equipment, and meet anticipated future water demands, the Town procured Dewberry Engineers to determine the most feasible way to upgrade water production and distribution systems.

On April 8, 2022, the Town sought $6,186,000 from the Virginia Deparment Health to upgrade the Town's 70 year-old Water Treatment Plant. Recently, Microsoft purchased property nearby to construct a data center for which the Town will be the water provider. Their presence will require the expansion of the facility from 1 to 2 MGD. The upgrade will also include replacement of the raw and finished water pumps and existing waterlines. This project will be cost shared between the Town and Microsoft.