cover image of SSPDC's 2045 Rural Long-Range Transportation PlanThe 2045 Rural Long-Range Transportation Plan was officially adopted by the SPDC on January 23, 2020.  The plan includes data relating to demographics, land use, transportation goals, and numerous inventories related to the region's transportation network.  However, the most notable sections of the plan contain transportation recommendations based on the results of a prioritization matrix and also the inclusion of vision projects.  The prioritization matrix (an Excel spreadsheet that scores each recommended improvement) was utilized to identify those transportation projects throughout the region that are best positioned to receive support and funding during future grant cycles, most notably the Virginia Department of Transportation's Smart Scale program.  The prioritized recommendations are mapped according to their ranking and a brief overview is provided.  Vision projects represent those transportation projects deemed important by local jurisdictions but lack the necessary data points to be fairly scored by the prioritizaton matrix.  Common examples include new roadways, roadways with insufficient data, sidewalks, and multi-use trails.

pdf 2045 Rural Long Range Transportation Plan. (8.45 MB)