The Southside Planning District Commission (SPDC) received federal, state, and local funding to conduct a comprehensive review of the 2006 Hazard Mitigation Plan for Planning District 13 and produce the 2013 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update (2013 HMPU).

This strategic plan identifies the region's hazard mitigation goals and strategies to increase awareness and identify preventative measures to reduce or eliminate costs associated with natural hazards through a planning process with local, state, and federal agencies and stakeholders.

The 2013 HMPU identifies a timeline and implementation process formatted from a capability assessment, as well as, hazard mitigation plan maintenance procedures. The final 2013 HMPU can be viewed at The SPDC entered into an agreement with the Commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) in February 2011. All project activities must be completed by September 2013.

pdf Download the 2013 Hazard Mitigation Plan (39.58 MB)