pdf Solicitation Round 2 Press Release

Southern Virginia GO Region 3 Now Accepting Project Grant Applications

South Hill, Virginia, April 13, 2018: The Southern Virginia GO Region 3 Council is pleased to announce that it will now accept Project Applications, including Requests for Ideas, as an open-solicitation process. Interested parties can now submit Ideas, or full Applications, at any time. Eligible applicants include for-profit, non-profit and governmental entities (subject to established guidelines).

The Region 3 Council is eager to increase the number of project applications, as well as provide Applicants with technical assistance and guidance that can help them identify alignment with Region 3's Growth & Diversification Plan, State goals, and connect Applicants with partners with similar ideas. There are three ways to submit Project ideas:

  • Call or email the Region 3 staff and discuss your concept.
  • Submit a one-page project summary as an Idea and get feedback from our staff
  • Complete the full Project Application form available on the website located at www.southsidepdc.org

The Region 3 Growth & Diversification Plan was approved on September 12, 2017 by the GO Virginia State Board. A copy of the full Plan is available at www.southsidepdc.org

The Region 3 Plan identifies Areas of Critical Need through which the Region 3 Council determines how to invest its limited resources. Applicants should focus on one of these areas as projects are developed:

  • Workforce Talent Development and Recruitment — Developing, retaining and attracting people that have the hard and soft skills our region needs to advance economic opportunity and the growth of higher wages;
  • Sectoral Development — Focusing on the business sectors that have the greatest potential of growing the number of employees, the wage levels and the types of businesses in the region; and,

“The plan we’ve submitted was created with input from over 200 stakeholders through a series of roundtables to provide a blueprint for moving forward,” said Charles Majors, chairman of the Region 3 Council. “It’s designed to be an investment strategy for the future that paints a broad picture of who we are as a region and where we want to be down the road. It’s a starting point, and what we will use to review project proposals. A successful project proposal must be consistent with this plan.”

The Region 3 Council is specifically looking for projects that first, reflect a spirit of collaboration, bringing together at least two jurisdictions and many partners to accomplish a shared goal; and second, show ideas consistent with the Region 3 Growth & Diversification Plan and reflect the shared vision of the region that can ultimately lead to higher-paying jobs for Region 3 citizens.

The timeline for full application review takes approximately 10-12 weeks and is based on scheduled meetings of the Region 3 Council as well as the GO Virginia State Board. Staff of Region 3 are available to help Applicants assess the approval timeline.

GO Virginia is the Commonwealth's emerging economic development initiative. The mission of GO Virginia is to encourage collaboration among business, education, and government in each region, on activities that will enhance private sector growth and opportunity, economic competitiveness, and alignment of workforce development programs with the needs of the employers in the regions. GO Virginia is managed within nine regions of Virginia. Southern Virginia GO Region 3 includes the Counties of Patrick, Henry, Pittsylvania, Halifax, Mecklenburg, Brunswick, Nottoway, Prince Edward, Lunenburg, Buckingham, Cumberland, Charlotte, Amelia and the Cities of Martinsville and Danville.