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Serving Brunswick, Halifax, & Mecklenburg Counties, and the towns of South Boston & South Hill, VA

Ongoing Programs

Lake Country Development Corporation

The Lake Country Development Corporation funds investments that are for the establishment of new industries, assistance for existing locally-based industries, innovative and job-creating economic uses and activities, and to fill a gap in the existing local financial market in the Virginia counties of Brunswick, Halifax and Mecklenburg.

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Regional Indoor Plumbing Rehabilitation Program

The Indoor Plumbing Rehabilitation (IPR) program provides zero percent interest, forgivable loans for the installation of indoor plumbing to owners of substandard housing where indoor plumbing does not exist, or where the existing waste disposal systems have failed.

The program also provides for the general rehabilitation of these units and for accessibility improvements to units occupied by persons with disabilities or where overcrowded conditions exist. Annual project activities include outreach, application intake, beneficiary and property eligibility determination and construction management.

IPR pre-substantial recontructionIPR pre-substantial recontructionIPR rehabilitationIPR rehabilitation

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2015-2019

2016 & 2017 Updates

The 2015 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) spans a five-year planning period, from 2015-2019. In 2019 there will be a major update resulting in a new plan. In the interim, each year the CEDS goes through a maintenance update cycle, where updates are made as needed. This can include changes to poulation statistics and economic conditions, formatting and typographical corrections, and adjustments to goals and strategies.

This 2016 Update includes the following changes:

  • Updates to information pertaining to new Enterprise Zones
  • New population graphs
  • Updates to information about the labor force and unemployment
  • Updates to charts outling industries in the District
  • Changes to taxable sales chart
  • Updates and changes to the Regional Dashboard
  • Adjustments and additions to the Implementation Strategies

You can download the 2017 Update to the CEDS here:

  pdf (9.68 MB) pdf Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2015-2019 - 2017 Annual Update (9.68 MB)


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2015-2019 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

2015 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Final Document is available at a website devoted to Southern Virginia's economy and the CEDS document and process:

This CEDS presents the overall comprehensive planning and action process engaged in by the Southside Planning District Commission. Approval of this document by the US Economic Development Administration (EDA) establishes the Southside Planning District's eligibility for EDA financial assistance. In addition, this document provides an evaluation of economic conditions, which is useful in making future development decisions.

The document can be downloaded at or from the link under the 2016 & 2017 update above.

The 2015 CEDS was adopted on April 24, 2015 by the Southside Planning District Commission.

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