Southside Planning District Commission

Serving Brunswick, Halifax, & Mecklenburg Counties, and the towns of South Boston & South Hill, VA

SPDC Data Book 2015

The SPDC Data Book contains data from sources such as the US Decennial Census, American Community Survey, Virginia Employment Commission, Weldon Cooper Center, US Agricultural Census, and much more. Subjects covered include demographics, income, retail and wholesale markets, tourism, agriculture, employment, housing and infrastructure.

The newest version of the SPDC Data Book includes interactive links to Google Drive spreadsheets where the user can copy, download, or work with the source data in a spreadsheet format. Some links include expanded, related, or historical data that did not fit in the book. The current version of the Data Book has interactive links for roughly half of the tables, charts, and graphs found within. Future versions will include more interactive links.


Download SPDC Data Book 2015

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Links to Source Data (Google Spreadsheets)

Figure 2: Second Quarter 2014 Employment by Industrial Sector, as a percentage of overall employment (SPDC vs VA)

Figure 3: 1990 - 2013 SPDC Annual Unemployment Rate and Civilian Labor Force

Figure 5: 1980 - 2010 Population of Southside PDC, and its Counties & Towns, with percent of change

Figure 6: Population Trends of Southside Planning District (1920 - 2010), line graph

Figure 7: Historical Population of Southside Planning District, and its Counties

Figure 8: 2020-2040 Weldon Cooper/VEC Projections (with 2000 & 2010 Census Population)

Figure 11: Population distributed by age group, 2010 and 2013 (Estimate)

Figure 16: 2010 Hispanic & Not-Hispanic Population

Figure 16: Population distributed by race, 2010 and 2013 (Estimate)

Figure 17: 1995-2013 Births and Deaths

Figure 18: 1995-2013 Births and Deaths in Southside Planning District (line graph)

Figure 19: Per Capita & Household Income, Average from 2009-2013

Figure 20: Average Weekly Wage by Industry, Second Quarter of 2014

Figure 21: Cost of Living Comparison

Figure 22: 2009-2013 Poverty Rates (Individuals) of the Southside Planning District, by age group

Figure 23: Retail Establishments in Southside Planning District

Figure 25: Taxable Sales by Year from 1984-2013

Figure 26: Annual Taxable Sales from 1984-2013

Figure 28: Civilian Labor Force, Employment, & Unemployment - Annual Average 2000-2013, & Current Rate (Not seasonally adjusted)

Figure 29: Unemployment Rates 1990-2009 for US, Virginia, and Southside PDC (Not seasonally adjusted) (line graph)

Figure 30: Industrial Closings and Layoffs 2005-Present

Figure 31: Industrial Openings and Expansions Announced 2005-Present

Figure 32: Employment by Occupation, May 2012

Figure 33: Top Employers, 2nd Quarter of 2014

Figure 34: Second Quarter 2014 Employment by Industrial Sector, as a percentage of overall employment (SPDC vs VA)

Figure 35: Annual Employment by Industrial Sector, as a percentage of overall employment (SPDC vs Va.), Comparison of Years '01, '09, & '13

Figure 36: Tobacco Acres Harvested 1999-2012

Figure 37: Farm Summary Highlights by County - From USDA Census of Agriculture

Figure 39: Southside Planning District Travel Impacts 2003-2013

Figure 40: Travel Impacts by County 2012 & 2013

Figure 41: Travel Expenditures by County 2003-2013

Figure 42: Bracey, Virginia Welcome Center Statistics

Figure 61: Place of Work, 1990, 2000, & 2006-10

Figure 62: Means of Transportation to Work , 2009-2013


Next Update Should Include:

  • More interactive links
  • Updates from American Community Survey and VEC
  • Less text, more figures
  • Updates from 2012 Economic Census (not available currently)
  • Expanded tables from USDA Census of Agriculture
  • Revised Education section
  • Revised Transportation section
  • Update will occur in second half of 2015
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