Grant Administration - SPDC Staff

GPS Rover UnitGPS Rover UnitThe GIS and GPS systems in use at SPDC are used primarily to support grant projects, both in the application phase as well as through administration of the grant. The system and the data and maps produced are used by the staff for planning, documentation, and as a part of the actual application. GIS is also used to support planning in the Indoor Plumbing program and the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.

SPDC GIS & Mapping Software

ArcGIS 10 (GIS Mapping & Cartography)
AcrGIS 10 Network Analyst, 3D Analyst, Publisher Extensions
AutoCad Map 3D 2011
AllTopo V7 Pro (USGS Topographic Maps)
Adobe CS4
ResourceSpace OpenSource Digital Asset Management

Locality Request

GPS Base StationGPS Base StationAs time permits, the localities (County and Towns) may request GIS or GPS services, and we will be glad to fit them into our schedule as soon as possible. These services (GIS data creation, map creation, analysis, etc.) are typically free to the locality, unless other arrangements are made to guarantee a deadline, or because the overall project is too large to fit into the schedule. In the past we have mapped water and sewer lines with GPS, provided visitors & tourism maps, and worked on redistricting projects. If your locality would like to request GIS or GPS mapping please contact Andy Wells (

SPDC GIS & GPS Equipment

HP DesignJet 800 42" Plotter w/ PosterJet RIP Software
Graphtec CS600 Pro Large Format Color Scanner
Ashtec ProMark 500 RTK GPS System

GPS Mapping Projects

GPS Base StationGPS Base StationGPS can be used to map real-world facilities such as manholes, water valves, and hydrants. Our system is capable of survey-grade accuracy, although we cannot guarantee that the data provided will be that accurate, as we are not licensed surveyors. We do strive for the highest accuracy available, however. For the best results, we use a base station + rover setup, with the base station set up on a known point and the rover used to do the mapping in the field. Project deliverables can include GIS data for use by consultants doing work for the locality, as well as electronic or paper map sheets and books. Please see our projects page for more information on GPS projects that we are working on.

SPDC Paper Map Resources

USGS Topographic Maps (1:24K) for the region and for sale
VDOT County Transportation Maps for Virginia
FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (old version)
Soil maps (old) for region

We have approximately 1,500 map documents (maps, blueprints, engineering drawings, etc.) on file in our map archive. Most of these are related to SPDC projects such as downtown enhancement projects, water/sewer upgrades, and transportation projects.