Southside Planning District Commission

Serving Brunswick, Halifax, & Mecklenburg Counties, and the towns of South Boston & South Hill, VA

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CartoExExample of Cartography. (Part of a map) Note the shadow effects, proper labeling, road shields, and legend.

GIS imageThis is a view of the same data layers in the GIS before spending time applying cartographic techniques to the map. Labeling is automatically generated, and building types are not classified in this view.  Google mapThis is a screen shot of a Google Map. All labels are placed automatically using algorithms. It has some cartographic qualities, such as road shields and centerline symbolization (US vs town streets). However, a lot of the labels are placed incorrectly (symbol for Boyd Chevrolet, Shannon's School of Dance overlapping road centerline) or duplicated unnecessarily (SE Main St, 637 shield).

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