Southside Planning District Commission

Serving Brunswick, Halifax, & Mecklenburg Counties, and the towns of South Boston & South Hill, VA

Southside Planning District - Data & Census Information

We offer our users detailed data from various sources, covering subjects such as population, demographics, employment, industry, physical resources, and infrastructure. There are two ways to obtain this data:

  • SPDC Data Book - This document is available on our website in PDF format and covers the Southside Planning District and its Counties. It includes detailed data on many subjects, organized into text, tables, graphs, and charts. The SPDC Data Book includes links to spreadsheets where the user can obtain source data to work with on their own. The SPDC Data Book and the links to the source data can be found here. It is our goal to continue to update and expand the Data Book and its source data to cover all the data resources that we work with.
  • Contact Us - If you are looking for information that you cannot find in the SPDC Data Book, please email with your request for information. Please note that while data will be returned as soon as possible, there still can be some delay due to other project priorities and the amount of time it takes to research the request.

Mapping Census Data

We have the ability to connect geographic data with Census data, using GIS. Using Census TIGER data, we can make maps showing population density, age group breakdowns, racial distribution, housing patterns, and household characteristics. Anything that has a geographical component in the US Census, can be mapped geographically. Not all data subjects are available at all geography levels.

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